Grandparent Education


Our Mission

We aim to provide an educational program of courses to grandparents to help them in their very important family role. To further understand the concepts and guiding principles about what they can learn and how the learning takes place, the tab above, Grandparent Development, describes important assumptions on learning for this group and goals for their learning. Our courses are often offered on-site at various locations whether they be through educational organizations such as OLLI, senior centers, assisted living communities, long-term care centers, and at interested religious institution locations.

Provide Grandparent Education for All

We are in process of designing online learning systems for volunteer instructors who wish to serve as indigenous leaders at their location to offer the courses. This online training is intended to help with the growth of the program across the United States and internationally. A key goal of our program is to provide grandparents with the educational opportunity of learning to be better grandparents and to do so for as little cost as possible in order so that all grandparents can learn through our courses. With a volunteer, indigenous leader/instructor component to our program, this serves the many grandparents who want to learn in two ways. First, it makes the accessibility to the program far more in reach for the many grandparents who otherwise cannot afford courses offered through other groups or institutions. Second, it makes such programming accessible for them at or near close locations like a senior center, assisted living community, long-term care center, or religious institution.

About Us

Dr. Robert Strom
Bob was a professor of Educational Psychology &

Lifespan Developmental Psychology and in Leadership

and Innovation at Arizona State University. He is now

Professor Emeritus. He has conducted research

on what young people and their parents think grandparents

should know. He has been researching and writing on

grandparent learning and curriculum since 1980.

Dr. Paris Strom
Paris is a professor of educational psychology at

Auburn University.  His courses focus on the thinking

process and social relationships during childhood,

adolescence, and through adult life.